Mia Sherwood Landau


Cookie Monster is a great example of personal branding. He's an unforgettable character we all know, like and trust.
Hi, I’m pro writer and personal branding expert, Mia Sherwood Landau.

For years I wrote in private journals and then I began posting on blogs, struggling to find my voice and create my identity as a writer.  

It was a long road, often discouraging, always working late at my keyboard.  Alone.

Eventually I discovered the simple secret to writing and speaking comfortably and easily about any topic, including myself. It was fast, easy and 100% FREE. It was available immediately, and it had always been right in front of my face, but I just couldn’t see it.


As a writer I learned to create characters, but in an important way I forgot to create my own character, my own special personality and unique voice. So I finally did it. I created Mia Sherwood Landau and her recognizable trail of work on the web.

I didn’t realize it at first, but I was branding myself. What I started to build several years ago is now called personal branding, and it’s what we all need in order to build our presence in the world and on the web. It's a big deal for everyone in business.

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Personal branding starts with the way we write and speak about ourselves, the way we distinguish ourselves for all to see.

I can help you create and build your personal branding, too. Quickly and easily in a brief, 30-minute session, we discover your unique voice in words you can use to promote yourself, and I can use working on your writing projects, too.

As a ghostwriter, I need to "be you," as the biggest and best YOU possible in order to achieve your greatest success in business as an author. 

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When we meet, we spend a brief but powerful half-hour upfront, talking on the phone or on Skype, finding the voice of the best YOU possible. That's how I get the voice I need to write your book "as you."

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Ghostwriting/Editing - "When I received back her edited version (that at my request contained no editing marks) and with a cup of coffee at hand, I settled down at my kitchen table to read it.  After reading six pages, I became frustrated because I couldn't see any corrections she had made.

Sitting down at my computer and using Word Compare to see both the original and edited versions, WOW, the original version showed red-lining in  every paragraph. 

She was practically reading my mind... I actually thought I was reading my own writing.

I give thanks for the day I got my manuscript back from Mia by email!"

Lee F. Douglas DownHomeSpices.com 

Personal Branding for business - "Working with Mia Sherwood Landau has been a real eye opener and awesome experience. I have learned so much about Personal Branding and how best to represent my authentic true self.

Mia gets to the heart of matters quickly and what I enjoy the most about my experience is our spiritual connection. This connection enabled me to trust Mia, feel comfortable with her direction and took the coaching to a higher level."

Necie Edwards, Certified Health Coach  Necie-Edwards.com

Personal branding for business - "Mia Sherwood gives clear sighted advice, pulls no punches, yet you feel right from the start, and all the way through, that she is there right with you, every inch of the way. If you are looking for a business coach with both head and heart, then don’t look any further.”

Yedidah Cohen, Translator and Facilitator  NehoraPress.com