Mia Sherwood Landau


I have learned not to buy food I tend to overeat.  Now I may do the same with internet surfing, meaning I may simply decide not to have the internet in the room where I'm writing.

This bright idea came to me while reading an interview with author Dan Brown.

In the post on Publishing Perspectives, Brown said the following about his choice to write in a room without internet connection from 4 am to noon each work day, "There is an addictive quality about technology, and I very intentionally say no, this is a time to write – it’s a very analogue experience.”

Brown uses the internet for research of course, but he schedules his research time separately, not during the 8 hours he's working as a writer.

Do I have the willpower to situate myself with a laptop but no internet connection for 8 hours per day? Oh boy, that represents a big change of lifestyle, of daily habits.

Would Brown's idea work for you?

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