Mia Sherwood Landau


The most pristine traditions are bardic, epic, poetic, and never written.

Arthur A. Cohen

I am pondering this sentence over and over, deciding why it speaks so poignantly to my soul. Yes, my soul. It's been mingling with my essence since I read it a few days ago, and it refuses to retire.

Oral traditions in all cultures are classic and undisputed. They were the way of the world for most of human existence, and only recently did we get the printing press, and more recently the web.

What have printed and published words done to diminish us?

What are my words doing to diminish me, and my clients?

Crackerjack copywriter Matthew Goldfarb says:
"Now that you've kept silent long enough for the echo of your voice to fade away, I invite you to pay attention to the other noise many of us ignore: The ones made by your ideal clients and fans."

Food for thought today. Thanks, Matt. 

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