Mia Sherwood Landau


Storytelling has been the most natural form of human communication since cavemen entertained each other around nightly roaring fires. 

Although it's nothing new, storytelling is enjoying great popularity these days, with loads of books, articles and blog posts explaining that telling a story is the ideal way to communicate and, in fact, to sell. Especially to baby boomers.

In this vast ocean of writing on the topic of storytelling I found David Weigelt's recent post very refreshing.

"When it comes to marketing to boomers and seniors who have seen and heard it all, and are the least likely to trust traditional advertising, storytelling is still one of our most important tools."

OK, we baby boomers like to tell stories and listen to stories. BUT -we also have very little tolerance for hype. We like to keep it real. And Weigelt also quotes his co-worker to sharpen his point:

"Joe Ford, Immersion Active’s VP of Digital Marketing Practices, once responded to a question about what was really at the heart of our success when it comes to engaging boomers and seniors online. His response was simple but profound: humility."

We need to keep in mind that communicating with humility is not only a genuine kindness but a necessary component of successful communication. Especially with baby boomers.

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