Mia Sherwood Landau


Every single real human being who is building a personal brand needs to read Mark Schaefer's recent post. It is truly a keeper. I'm printing it today to keep in my treasure notebook.

He has been blogging and building his personal brand for over five years already, but that doesn't mean he can take a moment's rest from being polite and professional.  It means he has to live his priceless advice to us all, "“Be honest, be human, but be careful."

Everybody has a bad day now and then, but that is no excuse for showing up online in a foul mood. Our words follow us forever on the web. They leave a lasting impression that creates more powerful branding than anything we carefully and creatively concoct as self-promotion.

No truer words were ever written about personal branding than the following from Mark Shaefer -

"Everything I do and everything I don’t do, everything I write and everything I don’t write, reflects on my personal brand … and the same is true for you and your company."

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