Mia Sherwood Landau


Barbara O'Neal is a writer, not a personal branding coach.

But her Letter To My Aspiring Writer Self is a treasure trove of good advice for entrepreneurs as well as writers.

Here's just one of Barbara's many gems-

"You’re going to keep trying on hats until you find the one that fits, and once you do, your life is going to change in such big ways that you will never believe it could be your life."

I love hats, so this really spoke to me. Even if you're not a hat lover you can picture other people who wear hats and you have to admit that a hat can truly define a person, right?

How about the many-hatted Pharrell Williams? He can get away with wearing various hats because he's already a musical icon.

Those of us who are experimenting with our personal branding may want to try on one hat for size, and just see how it works out. If it doesn't suit us, we can try another. And another.

"...keep trying on hats until you find the one that fits..." is some of the best branding advice ever because it's so easy to picture. Thanks, Barbara!

Just grab a hat and step out there. See what works for you.

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