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The Olympics reminded me to blog about blogging, about those lonely wee hours of practice that can turn into gold.

Every single world-class, graceful skater has spent countless hours in cold, lonely skating rinks practicing for many years to become excellent.

That's what I do, too, at a keyboard, not in a skating rink. I practice.

The fact is that nobody may ever read some of what I lovingly write on the web. Nobody, except me. So that's why I decided long ago that I am blogging for my own personal delight. And it's working.

With that attitude firmly in place, I cannot lose. I am honing my writing skills and building my confidence, as well as my readership. If you are reading this today, thank you for being my reader. I treasure you.

I know it can feel like blogging into the void, the silent emptiness of cyberspace. But that only happens if you are not choosing yourself as your first reader. Be your own first reader and you cannot fail. Be your own first raving fan.

Jeffrey Slater posted great suggestions for finding other readers, including these critical questions -

"How can you market your content (blog, podcast or videos) to reach the right audience? First, you must know your target. Who do you want to reach? Where do they hang out, what do they read, where can you find them? Can you bring your ideas to them, not the other way around?"



2014-02-21 17:59:55 - Patti Magyar
Hi Mia! I am a Week 4 ICCA Coaching Student, and loving it! Please know that any achievement of expertise requires us to aspire for excellence within and for ourselves! Achieving something that is difficult and requires hard work is often, if not always, more cherished and inpactful than those things that simply fall at our feet! I was unable to attend your Personal Branding Saturday offering a couple of weeks ago to ICCA coaching students; is that content on your website or otherwise findable? Thanks so much and continue your great work! ~ Patti
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