Mia Sherwood Landau


So many blog platforms, so little time....  Since 2008 I've been building blogs for myself and others, and none have become a huge commercial success, but many have attracted attention, clients, customers and genuine income.

Big commercial successes generally involve advertising, and my own blogs do not involve advertising other people or services. I am advertising myself, that's it.

And for that unique purpose, my blog is a big success. No other blogs in the world attract attention to only me. Only mine.

I call that success!

Posting on topics that draw attention to you and what you do is the secret key to blogging for your own business.

Jonathan Raymond posted a list of seven questions to consider on his E-myth blog, saying, "Having a blog—whether you post monthly or daily or anything in between—is far and away the cheapest and most effective tool you have as a small business owner in the complicated world of online marketing. Here’s the bottom line: businesses with a blog get 55% more traffic to their website than those that don’t."

Wow, that's a good reason to blog right there, isn't it?

Every topic we choose, every word we write is the raw material of our personal branding. We are what we blog, or we should be.

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