Mia Sherwood Landau


Starbucks taught us that the simple daily cup of coffee could become a world-class brand.

But what about smaller brands, such as micro roasters?

The answer, I've discovered, is yes.

I ordered a pound of whole bean, fresh roasted coffee from Mariposa Coffee Roasters in Norman, Oklahoma and it arrived in my home mailbox the next day.

Wow. What fantastic aroma in a custom blend from coffees they personally source from various coffee-growing countries. And I especially like the "social justice" aspect of their brand.

Yes, they are tiny or "micro" as they say.  But they have developed a distinctive brand and I was attracted to it.

That's why I spent about $20 for a pound of fresh roasted coffee beans, which includes shipping.

It's worth it to me, and I surely hope it's worth it to a lot of others so that my new favorite roastery grows and prospers 'way into the future.

That's good branding, proving that branding coffee is possible, even in the wide world of Starbucks.

If you ever wondered how to grind and brew and store your fresh roasted coffee beans, click and enjoy advice from the National Coffee Association USA.

And I really like some scientific talk about fresh roasted coffee beans from Home-Barista.com and it's really cured me of putting coffee beans in the refrigerator. Don't do it!

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