Mia Sherwood Landau


We have heard that visitors to our landing pages and websites spend only one to three seconds before they decide to stick around and maybe (if we're fortunate) scroll down the page. Or if we're even more fortunate, click around our site to other pages.

It's easy to ignore this reality and get caught up in flashy, exciting web presentations.  It's like going shopping for a cool outfit, finding one and ordering it without giving due consideration to whether or not it will actually look good on us.

Good clothing fit just not always top-of-mind, is it?  Well, neither is page load speed.  It's geeky and boring and we just want to see our lovely website up and running.

The harsh reality is that visitors will click away if our pages take too long to load, especially on their tablets and phones. That's a fact. We have to deliver our personal branding in 1 - 3 seconds or they'll be gone.

Robin Geuens posted great suggestions for landing page design on the Firepole Marketing blog, and I followed up on his advice for my website.

These are his main points and my new benchmarks for landing page and website loading speed success:

  • Make your site load as fast as possible.
  • Use color to highlight the right things.
  • Use call to actions that complete the sentence “I want to ______”.
  • Watch how many links you put on your landing page. Keep them focused on your message.
  • Keep your mobile customers and leads in mind.
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