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Branding is not a set-it-and-forget-it activity. It's not even something we do five minutes per day and then we're done.

We're always branding ourselves, in all our conversations and in everything we write.

Michael Port posted something from his deep perspective on this topic today, and here's what struck me -

"I work harder on my presentations now than I did before I had experience. I know, you might think the opposite would be the case. That’s the irony. The better you get, the more you prepare."

Wow, that's a mind shift, isn't it?  All the work is not up-front. The work never really ends.

Having studied with Michael Port in his Book Yourself Solid System, I know he opts to speak the truth, plainly and emphatically. When Michael speaks, I listen.

His words to beginners (and to all of us in our perpetual branding process) offer hope and challenge at the same time, which is also typically Michael Port -

"Let’s face it, for the first couple of years that you’re pursuing something new, you’re not usually that good at it. Your understanding of what is good and your expectations for yourself are greater than your ability to produce at that level."

So we have to get on with getting on with it. And never stop. We are never too good to practice and build and brand ourselves yet again.


2014-07-23 09:17:19 - Necie L Edwards
Mia, Great article about personal branding. I am in the process of re-building my brand over again. I am excited about the possibilities and where they may lead. I appreciate today's coaching session. Necie Edwards
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