Mia Sherwood Landau


I remember when the Information Age began, or at least back a few decades when that buzz word was born.

But we all grow old and eventually die, and apparently the Information Age is dying a natural death as I type.

Robert Bruce often thrills me with his crisp prose on Copyblogger, including these words of his today -

"The Information Age is coming to a close. It is crumbling around the ancient foundation of the human desperation for meaningful story, unadorned truth, and compelling drama that holds a mirror to life.

Information is simultaneously too much and not enough. Information is impotent to reach the hearts and minds of those who want to run with your idea, product, or service."

The more sophisticated we become and the more digital communication we endure, the more we hunger for the basic and the ancient. Storytelling is certainly basic and ancient.

If everything old is eventually new again, storytelling is now in its infancy. Again. And we all have stories to tell, that we MUST tell as we create our personal brand and our brand marketing.

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