Mia Sherwood Landau


Some people are natural dreamers. We can see into situations and how they could be different, or create entirely fictitious situations from the deep wells of creativity we embody.

I took me many years to understand that everybody doesn't have conscious contact with their own deep wells of creativity, or live confidently with their dreams as I do.

Seth Godin warmed my heart in his recent post about things we assume are in opposition to each other. First, he made me think hard when I read, "The opposite of yes is maybe."

Whoa, that's a powerful thought, isn't it? Maybe is non-committal. Maybe is stalling, deferring, failing to take a stand.

Then came the most heart-warming idea, "Dreams are not the opposite of reality. Dreams inform reality." Now THAT'S a deep keeper, isn't it?  It should be a poster - DREAMS INFORM REALITY.   Or maybe it should be engraved on my headstone someday, hopefully a long, long time from now.

Personal branding is the intersection of dreams becoming reality, in my opinion and in my practice. Until Seth's post, I hadn't thought about it this way. Thanks, Seth!

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