Mia Sherwood Landau


Jonathan Fields posted a thought-provoking article about working with limited resources to build value. My favorite quote is,  "You may need to get more real, to hone your ideas, voice, presence, ability to radiate. Your breakout move is to elevate the essence."

Such eloquent expression!

Elevating our essence is what we are doing in developing our personal branding. First we have to discover it, though.

Finding our essence, the core of who we are is like finding buried treasure. It's so exciting just to begin the search, and then to locate, examine and display the treasure of our own personal core.

Eventually we can write and speak bravely from our essence, and share our "ideas, voice, presence and ability to radiate." We can express ourselves freely and confidently to attract clients and friends.

Thanks for the great words today, Jonathan!

And thanks to Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz for the following encouragement that fits perfectly here -

"Speaking your essence naturally draws other people’s essence in response. You wind up becoming essence and encouraging essence, doing what you want to do and saying what you want to say, drawing other people to you to do the same. It’s very empowering and liberating, too."


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