Mia Sherwood Landau


My clients tell me I am very enthusiastic. It's true, I am simply an enthusiastic person by nature. Enthusiasm is a key feature of my personal branding.

And I have noticed that my clients become enthusiastic during our sessions together. Maybe it can be explained by the process of osmosis or perhaps a better word is "mirroring."

Honestly, it is so natural to my personality that I don't have to work at it. But many people do have to work at being enthusiastic because it is not natural to their business behavior.

Now, these same people might jump up and yell wildly at their child's soccer games. They might even yell at other drivers in traffic occasionally. But their passion and enthusiasm for soccer and safe driving is can be directed toward their business as well.

Andrew Sobel has very effective series of lessons - free to subscribers of his Client Leadership Academy. I am a subscriber and I also read his books because they are excellent.

In his lesson that arrived by email today Sobel taught me something really important, so I'm sharing it with you, too:

"Enthusiasm is contagious! Think about the most enjoyable and memorable professors you had in college. More likely than not, they possessed unbridled enthusiasm for their subject. Whether it was Art 101 or Political Science, they drew you in. They captivated your attention and interest."

Can you think of one area of your life that fills you with enthusiasm? I mean right now. Got it? Now all you have to do is think of that area of your life as you begin your business day, and recall it whenever you need a boost of enthusiasm throughout the day.

Enthusiasm is a habit, and it's a good one. Thanks to Andrew Sobel for the reminder today!

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