Mia Sherwood Landau


What does world-class consultant/author/trainer/mentor Alan Weiss have that some of us lack?

OK. that question could generate a long list of answers, but the most important one, the most relevant to all of us in our personal branding is this - confidence. Alan Weiss exudes kegs of confidence. Barrels and vats of the stuff.  And he shares it liberally with all who choose to imbibe.

Here's Alan Weiss' terse expression of the need for and way to achieve express writing:

"If you want to write something quickly, stop self-editing. If you want to convey an idea quickly, stop giving background information. If you want to impress someone quickly, provide an idea immediately. Some people think life is a marathon. I think it’s a series of sprints."

Thanks, Alan. We needed that.

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