Mia Sherwood Landau


A Copyblogger post by Samar Owais will surely pierce through the biggest fear most entrepreneurs experience, until they get over it. We have to get over our fear or we will be paralyzed in our personal branding efforts.

What fear? It's the the deep-seated fear that we are going to be discovered.  If we really show ourselves to be who we are, we will be discovered as a fake, a fraud, an impostor.

True?  If you're not having this common experience right now then you'll probably remember it from some point at your past, even if you have to reach 'way back to being a self-conscious, young teenager.

Right?  We can all remember that pain. And some of us are not over it yet.

But we can get over it, and it doesn't have to take very long at all.

What a privilege to hear from clients who have experienced MY FURFY, my own signature personal branding session, and know that they are on their way to complete freedom from the fear of being an impostor.

They know the secret, and you can know it, too. Just get in touch with me FREE and we'll set up a session for you, too.

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