Mia Sherwood Landau


Setting a steaming, fragrant, delicious meal before someone who isn't hungry is not likely to bring satisfaction to anyone.

I love to prepare and serve meals, but I learned something about it over the years. Serving food when my guests are not ready, or serving them too much, more than they can possibly eat, is not kind. Actually, it's pretty selfish.

It may be generous, That's true enough. And it may be lovingly prepared and artistically served, but.... so what? But I've learned that simply serving up a meal does not create hunger. My guests have to come to the table hungry or they won't consume what I have prepared.

Naturally, I'm not just talking about food here. I'm using food as an example, but it's true of our marketing as well.

Let's take this analogy one step further here. Picture me preparing these lovely meals and then flinging open the door of my home, yelling out to the whole neighborhood, "Get in here and eat! The food is ready! Don't miss out, come and get it right now!

I hope you're laughing... Doesn't this picture remind you of most internet marketing we see everyday?

First, we have to find the hunger. We have to know our people and know when they are hungry. We have to find the hunger and then serve up just the right meal at the right time.

Bernadette Jiwa calls it "The Marketing Shortcut."  I call it common sense.

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