Mia Sherwood Landau


I love March 4th - March Forth!  That's why I love it, because it reminds me to move forward with courage and confidence throughout the whole year.

Today I'm thinking about the power of our first sentences, and it's a perfect topic for today. It is truly where we March Forth or not. The first sentence of anything we write and everything we say is where we claim our power, or we fail to claim it.

This quote from Writing That Works by Roman and Raphaelson got me started thinking about first sentences -

"There is no need for the written equivalent of small talk. The most courteous thing you can do is spare your reader the trouble of puzzling out what you're getting at... Always identify your subject in your first sentence."

We have to start out with a burst, a moment of precise, concise clarity in order to be understood.

Today my topic is how much I love March 4th, but it includes my sub-topic, First Sentence Power.

Am I making myself clear?

Personal branding is the clear message we send to others, whether we send it intentionally or unintentionally. Every first sentence, on March 4th and every other day is where we claim our power and build our brand. 

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