Mia Sherwood Landau


"Always start from the assumption that folks don't grasp what you're offering and how they'll be better off having it."

Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor

This is so hard to remember and put into practice, personally and professionally. To me, it's hard to assume that other people don't get it because it feels like a slam. It feels like I'm looking down on them as less intelligent or caring. I don't usually think that way about other people, because I prefer to give them all the credit I'd like them to give me in return.

Turns out, this thinking is better in theory than in practice. Giving people all that credit is not a good idea because it means I don't put enough effort into helping them understand what I want to communicate, what I want to share.

I call this tendency my Golden Rule Thinking. And it can lead to problems in communication for me, even though it sounds like a great idea in theory.



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