Mia Sherwood Landau


Once we are bonded with a comedian we are primed to laugh at nearly anything he or she may say. I don't watch much TV at all, but have to admit that Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory makes me laugh.

Without analyzing it too much, it's not really his topic, it's his voice. It's his persona that is expressed in his incomprehensible perspective on the world (including himself) and the flavor and tone of his expression.

Sheldon Cooper may be talking about physics or Star Trek, but he could talk about pretty much anything and I would laugh. I am wired to laugh at him because I have accepted his quirky character and labeled it "funny."

Whether or not you agree with me on Sheldon Cooper or not, my point is clear - we all express a persona in our personal branding and people react favorably and bond with us or they don't. Once they are wired to to favor us, they are wired to hear what we say and to trust it, too.

Our voice is WHO WE ARE in sound form.

Like Sheldon Cooper. Yes, that distinctive and rare. Each of us is completely unique, even though we are not super science nerds researching string theory (thank goodness...).

Jeff Goins said it to writers in one of his evergreen blog posts - "Writing isn't about picking the right topic, it's about finding the right voice."

Same is true of our personal branding, no matter what we do. We are branding ourselves whether we know it or not, so we might as well be intentional.

Like Sheldon Cooper.

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