Mia Sherwood Landau


A thoughtful blog post by Joan Friedlander gave me pause to think about welcoming life transitions as a portal to personal branding.

This quote describes how and why some portals in life open for us all:

"You realize that what you have been doing no longer does it for you. You might have reached every goal you set for yourself, and you are not satisfied. You wonder how you got in this job, or are in this 'situationship.”

So in my own words, that means we are going to be making transitions in life whether or not we consider ourselves to be successful. Perhaps success could best be defined by our ability to make transitions well.

Personal branding begins with knowing who we are and what we do, not whether we define ourselves as successful.

Our life transitions give us the best reasons to re-define ourselves as we determine who we are, or who we are becoming, and what we do now.

Knowing where we are in the process of a life transition is important, and there are three distinct phases, according to Friedlander and her sources - endings (yes, endings come first in the process of transition) and then a somewhat confusing neutral zone followed by new beginnings.

If these phases sound familiar to you, it's likely you are facing or have already faced a life transition, a portal to personal branding. But you might not have chosen to take advantage of your perfect opportunity to re-brand yourself.  That requires a decision to do so.

I love what Friedlander says about decision-making, too:

"Deciding is precipitated when you are no longer able to live with duality. You can’t force the decision. It will happen to you."

In my way of thinking, those same words apply to our personal branding process as well.

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