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Contrasted to the textbooks I studied in college, and the countless professional seminars and courses I've taken over the years, I was fascinated to read Bernadette Jiwa's refreshing description of marketing today -

"Actually, marketing is, and has always been, a transfer of emotion. It’s about changing how people feel and, in turn, helping them to fall in love with something, or maybe just a little bit more in love with themselves."

Personal branding definitely fits her description above. In creating our personal brand we are "putting ourselves out there," with the basic goal of attracting positive, loving attention from others. But in the process we experience positive, loving feelings towards ourselves.

If we are not there yet, or if we are experiencing any resistance to the idea of falling in love who we are and what we do, well, it's time to meet MY FURFY in my signature coaching system.

MY FURFY is truly a secret weapon to experiencing marketing as a good feeling, first for ourselves and then to share with others.

It's true, it's real, and I am looking forward to helping you discover the power of MY FURFY soon.

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