Mia Sherwood Landau


It's a great day to get started with focus on 2013. Playwright, poet and author Merle Feld gave me the perfect way to focus on my writing and eliminate all excuses in the New Year. She teaches rabbis and others how to go deep and mine their own soul in order to share it with others in writing and speaking. That is just what I need to do this year. Stay tuned!

Oh, and you will enjoy this cartoon showing an isolated writer spinning out words for a living... funny. How can we be so alone and connected to the world at the same time? Writers used to be isolated, and now we're so connected we can barely get anything accomplished!

Merle Feld's inspiration to focus and Barry Feldman's list of must-haves on my website are done. Now, fearlessly into a new a year of writing adventure I step. See you there!

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