Mia Sherwood Landau


Sometimes I work with clients who know they need marketing, but they DON'T LIKE IT. 

Marketing activities just don't appeal to them at all, yet they know they need to get busy marketing themselves.

Bernadette Jiwa has had a lot more ambivalent clients in her practice than I have, without a doubt. Yet she's found the most thoroughly charming way of looking at marketing, and talking about marketing stories that engender confidence and success.

She posted, "The best marketing is neither contrived nor created. It is not broadcast or hung on giant billboards for all to see. The best marketing is embedded, sensed and experienced in a dozen moments of truth, that make it resonate viscerally with the person it was designed to speak to."

I think Bernadette is talking about how it feels inside when we sense genuine authenticity in a person or a company. We might not be able to explain it, how we feel or why, but we are 100% sure about it for ourselves.

And we are instantly turned-on or turned-off, within seconds. We might not realize we're judging anyone, but essentially that's what we're doing.

Marketing is about the invisible process that goes on inside of each person, not the visible advertising they see, that's clverly designed to influence them. 

The truth is, most marketing backfires. It drives most away from instead of toward the subject of the ad. But that means the product of service is simply not for us. It's for somebody else.

Knowing how to attract "our" people is, first of all, knowing about the inner process and, second of all, knowing how to provide it with our personal branding.


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