Mia Sherwood Landau


Try as I may to avoid it (if I don't like who I am) my story brands me.

Think about horses and steers with clear markings burned into their flesh. Ouch... I'm not advocating the use of hot iron to identify livestock by their ranch or heritage, but that image should be clear enough to make my point.

We, too, are branded in our place and to our past, whether we know it or not.

What's important in the process of creating personal branding is KNOWING our brand. We have to become aware of how others see us and know us, and then do what it takes to change, built or repair our brand. Yes, brands can be seriously in need of repair. That's a common challenge for individuals and for businesses alike.

How do we repair our brand?  We change our story, and we have to start with ourselves.

In The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human author Jonathan Gottschall gives us a prescription for branding repair, although that was not necessarily his intent:

"A life story is a 'personal myth' about who we are deep down - where we come from, how we got this way, and what it all means. Our life stories are who we are. They are our identity. A life story is not, however, an objective account, A life story is a carefully shaped narrative that is replete with strategic forgetting and skillfully spun meanings."

Is is time for a new story to build your personal brand now? Let's talk.

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