Mia Sherwood Landau


Remaining silent in a conversation can be a good ploy if we don't want to attract attention to the fact that we don't know or don't care about the topic.

But if we do know and we do care, well, speaking up can be a better plan, depending on our desired outcomes.

Personal branding is like that, too. No branding can be better than poor branding. If we are known for something we don't want it's worse than not being known at all.


Andrew Sobel works with very high-level branding for his business clients, but his thoughts in a blog post today apply to all of us, no matter how small our business may be-

"A great brand is wonderful to have, but you can easily shoot yourself in the foot by resting on your laurels and not working incredibly hard to add Specific Value. And if your Brand Value is low, cheer up: You can start building it up today, one interaction at a time."

Sobel is telling the Big Boys and Girls they cannot rest a moment on brand recognition because their brand is in the mind of the beholder, each of us, in every transaction.

One bad experience at a restaurant chain can taint our opinion of the whole chain forever.


And when Sobel says, "Specific Value" he is talking about the moment-to-moment, on-target value we provide to each customer, each time we serve them. He defines it this way - "Specific value can be defined as the client’s perception that you helped them better understand their problem, provided insight during your conversations, and have a solution that is what they need."

Sounds like what we all need to build into our personal branding every step we take with every client, doesn't it?

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