Mia Sherwood Landau


At the risk of seeming a bit creepy, I'd like to make sure we all understand that our personal branding survives us.

Meaning our personal branding has a life of its own, and its life lasts longer, sometimes MUCH longer than our physical life in this world. Think Mark Twain, Cleopatra, John Wayne.

So, I decided to call this topic "On Beyond Branding", meaning our legacy that we leave behind when we pass from this world.

I'm assuming you had some immediate thoughts and pictures in your mind when you read the three names I typed earlier - Mark Twain, Cleopatra and John Wayne.

The particular thoughts and pictures in my mind for each of those three departed celebrities are not going to match yours exactly. Everyone is going to have his or her own thoughts and pictures, for sure.

But there's a good chance we will share a similar theme in our thoughts and pictures. We are probably thinking "cowboy" in one way or another for John Wayne, but not for Mark Twain or Cleopatra. Right?

Our personal branding is the theme that remains after we are gone from this world. That's On Beyond Branding. It's our legacy, for better or worse.

Remember, we are branded whether we choose and carefully cultivate our personal branding or not.

Here's a good example of a guy who has left a simple, positive legacy for all to see - Jim F. Straw - who has left words of wisdom in his books and on the web for all to see, and they most definitely serve as On Beyond Branding. Here's a classic JF (Jim) Straw quote:

"I learned that NOTHING is as easy or as fast as it should be. It only gets easier and faster when you know how to really do it – and – learning how to really do it is just a matter of doing it over, and over, and over, until you finally find out how it works. Of course, if you give up after the first (second, third, or fourth) try, you’ll never do it."

Rest in peace, Jim. And thanks for the tangible legacy of wisdom and encouragement in your books and on the web.

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