Mia Sherwood Landau


I'm sure you've seen them, those animated clips on web pages and in emails, too.

Do you like them? Personally, I'm not too excited about them... at least not yet.

Maybe it's because I've been taught that Flash animation is death to load time, meaning people often click away from web pages that take too long to load and Flash can slow your site 'way down and cause people to leave.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and load time (how long it takes your site to load for each visitor) are not the fun part of blogging for me, and that goes for most of my clients as well. We suffer from SEO reluctance to some degree.

For example. most of us just want to get in our car and drive to get where we want to go quickly. We don't have a deep desire to know how our engine worksl, which is pretty much the same way we feel about how search engines find us through our blog posts and web copy. It's just not that interesting.

But it's so important. And Barry Feldman knows it. I love his clear, concise explanation called "SEO simplified for short attention spans."

Personal branding WILL involve SEO, whether we do it ourselves or hire an expert to help us. You know, like hiring a good mechanic for the car...

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