Mia Sherwood Landau


I just have to share quotes from two smart guys today because they are helping me form and forge my own future.

Maybe their words will work for you, too:

First, Seth Godin on the gut-wrenching process of throwing out blog posts he wrote and loves:

"For every post that makes it to this blog, I write at least three, sometimes more.

That means that on a regular basis, I delete some of my favorite (almost good) writing."

Oh boy, it takes a great writer to self-censor like that. Its on-beyond editing, it's censorship at it's finest. I don't do it yet with posts on this blog. Maybe I will start. If Seth can do it I can do it, too, right?  I can write three posts and pick only the best one to share with you.


And then there's the other smart guy, business coach Gary Henson who offers a great definition of coaching. I needed this today because I'm discovering it can be a fine line between coaching and consulting during my personal branding coaching sessions -

"The role of the coach is to discover what the client is passionate about in their business and personal life. The coach looks from the lens of the client’s “invented future” and enables them to reach it."

I absolutely LOVE helping my clients discover their invented or desired futures, and then helping them create them.

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