Mia Sherwood Landau


My mind went off in the direction of tiny, tasty treats neatly displayed in a bakery case this morning when I read a post on Business Grow by Henneke Duistermaat.

Maybe I'm just sitting here craving some delicious, decadent carbohydrates right now ... who knows?

But her words about blogging bring me to a bakery treat mindset when she says, "The intangible aspects of your blog show who you are and allow potential clients to warm to you and your blog. For instance: Do you keep a certain distance like a waiter in a posh restaurant? Or do you make new readers feel welcome and at ease?"

I am putting myself at ease in my blog posting. That is the first thing. And it is the first thing to creating any personal branding as well. If we are not at ease with ourselves, with the image we have of ourselves, then our personal brand is doomed to fail.

Being comfortable writing and sharing tasty little blog post treats is easy for me, and my signature coaching system is helping many others become comfortable writing and blogging about themselves, too.

Welcome to my tasty blog post bakery today!

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