Mia Sherwood Landau


Heard the newish buzz word lately? Welcome to the new, the amazing, The Attention Web.

It represents all the various ways that advertisers (and others) can track not only which web pages readers visit and how long a visitor stays on each page, but exactly WHERE on the page the readers' eyes spend the most time.

Our personal branding can use what advertisers have spent millions of dollars to discover. We can profit from their big investments and build our personal branding websites and web pages to our own advantage.

Here's a key discovery we can all employ immediately - we can place the most important web copy just above and just below the fold, which is, somewhat surprisingly, where advertisers have tracked the most reading time. Just above and just below the line where a reader begins to scroll.

That's it! A million-dollar tip-of-the-day for our personal branding sites.


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