Mia Sherwood Landau


Two smart people got me thinking about "cadence" this week, one is a writer about writing, and one is a consultant to consultants.

Author Jan O'Hara wrote, "...the more I become conscious about the use of words, the more I notice that it’s cadence which lies behind my approval or disapproval of a writer’s performance, including my own words."

The incomparable Alan Weiss blogged, "What we should be seeking is uniqueness, a different cadence, a new route. It’s easy to follow, it’s tougher to lead, but it’s toughest to be yourself in a world trying to make you generic. Resist, at all cost."

Cadence is rhythm, and it is obvious to others when we have it and when we don't. Fortunately, in our writing we can edit and thereby achieve a more pleasing rhythmic flow. And then we can begin to achieve it in our speaking voice as well.

I aspire to a simple, effective and unique cadence in my writing and speaking voice. That is the goal of my personal branding, and I'm thanking Jan and Alan for inspiring me in my ongoing branding process today.

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