Mia Sherwood Landau


More than seeing the world as our clients see it, we have an obligation to see a problem, a particular problem as they see it. Each of us will see a certain problem differently, and at any one moment we could see it in yet another way.

Our personal perspective is constantly changing, and so is the personal perspective of each individual client.

It's rather astonishing that we can sit and communicate with each other at all!

But the one thing we can select as a common focus is one, single problem. In a coaching session, that would be the client's problem of course, not our own problem.

In fact, selection of a very specific problem can and should occur long before we sit down with any client. Identifying a common problem, a basic gaping hole in the individual lives of our clients is the foundation of our entire coaching practice.

Some coaches choose BIG problems such as anger and blame between marriage partners.

Other coaches choose smaller problems such as cluttered closet organization.

The size of the problem isn't what is important. What's important is coming to the realization that the problem is our friend. Talking about the problem when we write and speak about our coaching practice and building the problem into our personal brand is the first step to helping our clients solve their problem.

First they have to know they have a problem and they have to know they are uncomfortable. They have to want the discomfort to end, and they have to be willing to pay for a solution to their problem.

Finally, they have to find us and recognize us as the coach with the solution they need to end their discomfort, to solve their problem.

Without a sharp focus on the problem we will not have clients. That is why the problem is our friend.


2014-02-14 10:26:39 - David Scott Lynn
If your ship has a very thick chain & an anchor embedded in the sea floor, no NO matter HOW much you rev up your engines, your boat ain't going nowhere, except maybe in circles.
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