Mia Sherwood Landau


When I read author Hope Clark's newsletter  recently, one sentence jumped out and grabbed me: "As a reader, I want to delve into what drove your soul into the words of your story."

It grabbed me because it resonated with my own experience as a reader. But I'm not necessarily CONSCIOUS of what I want from an author. I know I want to read something substantial that has meaning for me. That's number one in priority.

But I also want to know WHY an author bothered to write what I'm reading.  And this goes for fiction, non-fiction, articles and blog posts. I am sensitive to the WHY lurking in between the lines, if not stated plainly.

So, I have to remember that other people are looking for a WHY when they read my writing, too.  Especially when I'm writing to build my personal branding. My WHY has to reach out and grab them as Hope Clark's sentence grabbed me today.  I just KNEW she wrote that sentence JUST FOR ME.

That's not true intellectually, but it's certainly true emotionally. It's the emotional component in our writing that comprises the reaching-out-and-grabbing mechanism. But it's subtle. It's not like advertising that seems like it's yelling at us.

It's like a song, luring us; it's the soul of the story we are telling. 

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