Mia Sherwood Landau


My favorite magazine is Taproot. No advertising, but plenty of evocative photos, inspiring articles and poignant poetry about real life.

I thought about personal branding on the web as I read these words by Meredith Winn, knowing full well that's probably not what she meant when she wrote them:

"Some things fall into your lap. Paths cross.

People meet. Careers bloom...

This is life. Our stories are as individual as each member of the family.

They are not perfect, nor are we."

Personal branding is only partly intentional. Much of it is a serendipitous surprise we create by how we think and share.

And it is never, ever perfect. Not ever.

But it can be perfectly engaging to the right people, our people. The ones who cannot necessarily explain why they want to follow us and read whatever we post.  It might just be a feeling more than a conscious thought.

Taproot magazine is a great example of branding that's palpable and memorable, albeit very intentional. May we all do it as well as they do!


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