Mia Sherwood Landau


Taking responsibility for the number and the types of clients we attract is a two-edged sword.

We can blame ourselves and we can blame the economy, the mentality of people "out there" or anything/anybody if we don't have enough clients or the right clients.

Or, on the sharper edge of the blade, we can decide that taking or shifting the blame is not productive. In fact, it is not productive at all, except to get us to remember and use the sharp edge of the blade. The one that can serve us and protect us, if we'll let it.

But we're afraid we might hurt someone with that sword. It might be our words or our actions. Or both. We fear hurting others to the point where we hurt ourselves by default.

Seth Godin inspired my thinking today when he posted, "You attract the customers that respond to the way you act. You end up with what you tolerate. You build what your audience demands."

Personal branding is located on the sharp edge of the sword, for sure. It can definitely cut both ways, and we're often afraid of that. Most of us are afraid to some extent, whether we know it or not.

But, the good news is that the sharp side of the sword actually cuts away what we don't want or need, if we will let it. If we use the sword with dignity, grace, compassion, care and wisdom. Doing so brings us all the ideal clients we need and want.

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