Mia Sherwood Landau


How often to call a friend, email a customer, and contact a prospect... These are situations that don't have simple schedules, until we learn them over time. People show us more than they tell us what they want from us. Which, we have to face the harsh reality, may be nothing. Some people want nothing from us.

But we don't know who wants what we have to offer and who wants us to go away until we ask. We just cannot intuit or guess and expect to be on target.

Bernadette Jiwa calls it, "wanted and welcomed."  How I love that! She said it succinctly in her post today, "A lifetime of interruption has conditioned us to be wary—always on our guard for the moment when someone might try to steal our attention, or worse still our time."

Whew! Sales and marketing have always required persistence and near-psychic abilities to achieve success but now it's even more difficult. We all have to fight digital interruptions as well as tangible. Everyday. We are poised and ready to defend our time, money and sanity.

It's exhausting.

Personal branding is one way to distinguish ourselves as trustworthy to the people who actually want what we have to offer. And it takes time. We have to show up in the right way over time. That's when our people will let down their guard and willingly let us in. That's when we are no longer seen as a potential thief.


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