Mia Sherwood Landau


Many years ago I learned this deep question that controls nearly every relationship, "Who decides who decides?"

There is so much to be considered in that phrase, which simply repeats two words twice.

Since I learned it, I've observed that the person or persons who wield power in any situation are not necessarily obvious. They may be hidden in the background or even appear to be entirely out of the power loop. He, she or they may not be present at all!

And since I learned it I've never seen anything as clear as Oren Klaff's whiteboard video presentation on Frame Control.

It blew me away. Watching it over and over, it continues to blow me away.

Basically, Oren Klaff's videos explaining the concepts in his book Pitch Anything define the science behind. "Who decides who decides."  In other words, it's not an accident. It's a science, subject to specific variables of who, what, when, where and how.

As regards personal branding, "who decides" is both 1) whoever is looking at your website and/or listening to you, and 2) you.

Personal branding and frame control can be deliberate. That's Oren Klaff's point, and mine.

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