Mia Sherwood Landau



It's not a long, ponderous word, but it definitely has far-reaching consequences.

Whose expectations control our personal relationships with friends and family?

Whose expectations control our business relationships with clients?

Who decides who decides?

There is no right or wrong answer to these three questions, just a constant continuum of choice.

My challenge in branding myself is helping my potential and actual clients develop expectations of me that will work, for me and for them.

When our expectations don't match up we can expect difficulties. Bernadette Jiwa says it like this, "If you are overwhelmed by mismanaged expectations, then you leave no space."

So, some people say, "no expectations," and they even aspire to live by that motto. 

That makes no sense to me. Without expectations of ourselves and others (including our Creator) we cannot function, we drift aimlessly, rudderless in the vast sea of life.

Each day I renew my personal branding with my expectations of myself and others.

Navigating who I am and what I do requires the passion and skill of a seasoned sailor, knowing and doing the right thing each moment to stay on course, weathering the tides and catching enough wind to keep moving ahead.

Personal branding is really an adventure of expectations.

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