Mia Sherwood Landau


Making the decision to hire a coach is not entirely logical, just like any decision to buy. We have emotions we don't really understand that influence our choices. And it happens every time, all the time.

Business coach CJ Hayden lists three main factors influencing our decisions to hire someone, and she calls them MATCH, PROOF and TRUST.

Since CJ has been helping all kinds of business people get clients for years, I like to pay attention to what she ways.

"... trust can be the secret ingredient that wins the sale every time."

In other words, we may hire a coach that we don't feel is our perfect match if we feel we have enough proof.

Or, we may hire someone that feels like a good match, even if we don't have much proof they can help us.

But we will most likely stop in our tracks if we don't experience a sense of trust. As CJ Hayden puts it, "But if the client doesn't trust you, there's no substitute."

We usually hire somebody we trust, and that is why other people will hire me or perhaps hire somebody else instead of me (or you.)

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