Mia Sherwood Landau


Gregory Ciotti posted some pithy wisdom in his rich blog post on Claude Hopkins' timeless classic, Scientific Advertising today.

Here are three of my favorite quotes from Ciotti:

"Clarity trumps creativity." 

So true. It applies to casual conversation as well as business writing and speaking. If we aren't being clear we are basically wasting our listeners' time and our own time as well.

How we make ourselves clear in writing and speaking is the big trick, the never-ending challenge we face everyday.

Making the transition from achieving own clarity to fostering and inspiring clarity for our clients is a crucial point in the any profession.

And clarity is the beating heart of the coaching profession.

"Words rule the web."

True again.

The words we type have to convey everything we want to say clearly because they are standing on their own, disembodied, so to speak. Our writing is not connected to our body language or our voice inflection, both of which often provide important cues to understanding what we mean to say.

Our words are brave messengers out on the web, representing us to the best of their ability.

"When persuasion is done at the stroke of the key, you have to make every word matter."

Making every word matter is critically important in our personal branding, which generally begins with words. Our words, the words we send out there to bravely go before us must be clothed and armed for success, our success.

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