Mia Sherwood Landau


Decades ago, when my mom was working in a downtown ad agency, people called her a Working Girl. Back in the 1940s there were girls who chose to work and girls who didn't.

Now it seems we are all Working Girls, another big subject for another post someday, but my point is that our words are just like we are.

All our words have to be Working Words in order to build our personal brand. In reality, all our words on the web are working for us or against us, even when we least expect it.

I really like the way Jerod Morris said it in his Copyblogger post -

"You want to tell a story. I want to tell a story. But so often when we tell stories on the Internet, our words have to do all the heavy lifting."

True, true and true. Since we don't have voice inflection or body language to help us express our personal branding online our Working Words must do all the work for us.

How are your Working Words working for you?

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