Mia Sherwood Landau


Alan Weiss is a business consultant and he writes, blogs and speaks his own brand of wisdom.

He posted this writing advice today, in his characteristic "just do it" manner:

"You do not have writer’s block. You’re suffering from procrastination and groundless fear. Sit at a keyboard and type a few letters that form a word, then a few words that form a sentence, then a few sentences that form a paragraph. See? You’re writing."

Alan is right.  Just starting is the trick to writing anything.

It's the trick to dieting and to saving money, too.

Basically, everything we need to do that's healthy and wise is all about just starting to do it. 

Writing is THE KEY to personal branding, and now that the Mobile Web is upon us, concise writing is more important than ever.

We have to think and write in short bursts of brilliance to get our point across and to attract business.

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