Mia Sherwood Landau


Here's a link to Mary Jaksch's blog invitation to anyone willing to post their top three writing tips.

Take a look at it if you'd like to see what average people have to say about the skills and habits involved in writing. 

By "average" I mean that these are not professional writers posting comments on her blog. These are people who are learning to write, and sharing what they've learned so far.

Writing improves as we practice, and wherever we are in the process of practicing and learning and practicing and learning some more, at whatever point in time we are asked, "What are your three best writing tips?" we are right. Whatever we think is right for us, is right for us at that point.

Later, we will surely have different top writing tips. And even later, other tips entirely.

Growing as a writer is intrinsic to our personal branding because it is HOW we express ourselves as much or even more than WHAT we choose to say that brands us.

Now, if you are curious what professional writers share about their craft, try WriterUnboxed.com

It's a completely different place, with wildly different advice that may inspire you in your personal branding writing.

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