Mia Sherwood Landau


That's not a real newspaper, but it's a real announcement about my forthcoming book,

Solitary Splendor: Jewish On My Own, But Not Alone. 

So, I'm adding #author to my bio, and to my home page. Yes, I still have clients, but for now I'm not adding new ones. Thanks for checking back later...

My specialties are writing, blogging and reporting for local and international clients. 

Such as, newspaper and magazine articles, custom ebooks and printed books for people who want to use their books to attract clients and customers.

In addition, I help my author clients build their web presence and get traffic to their websites.

You can scroll down to see my other writing links, but stick with me for a moment if you're looking for someone to help you write your own book professionally.

The best way for us to discuss your writing project is on the phone or on Skype.

We need to connect in person for me to meet you and understand your ideas. So leave a voice message at 903-328-9670 and I'll get back to you within 24 hours

 Click here to read the first few pages of my novel, Nat 'N Cat. It's a fun story about a Baby Boomer couple traveling in a hippie bus. This part finds them on the shores of Lake Texoma in north Texas, which is not necessarily the best place for a hippie bus...

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