Mia Sherwood Landau


Ghostwriting That Builds Your Personal Brand

I help author entrepreneurs clearly express who they are and what they do, to attract business and make more money with their book and their blogging.

When we meet to discuss your ghostwriting projects, I will get to know you in a unique way that allows me to have deep insight into you and your special project.

How do I do it? Through a little personal branding exercise called MY FURFY.

Just as novelists and screenwriters create unforgettable characters, MY FURFY is a fun, easy process that begins when we discover an unforgettable character you really need in your life, one who helps you build your confidence and your business income.

I call this character your First Raving Fan, or FURFY for short. It's a character defining who you are and what you do, so you can write and speak confidently in person and on the web as an author. And so I can "be you" as your ghostwriter. 

We hear internet marketers telling us we need to create Raving Fans to build our email contact lists and to increase our income. Right?

But we might not know how to start attracting people to follow us, and we just need to find that first one to get started. Who is your first one, your First Raving Fan, your FURFY?

As soon as you and I spend a little time together, you will know your answer. You will know MY FURFY and also how to write and speak comfortably about yourself because - don't miss this big secret - you can let MY FURFY do all the talking!

And so can I, as your ghostwriter!

MY FURFY is the secret to creating and building your personal brand, which is the way you intentionally present yourself in person and on the web. That's how you attract more clients and make more money with your book.

It's so basic, and so easy to get started when you let MY FURFY do the work for you. Personal branding starts by discovering MY FURFY and using it as an model to attract your ideal clients and customers every day.

I'm looking forward to discovering with you soon!

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